OptyFi is a multi-chain yield optimizer with a flexible on-chain strategy execution engine that can perform multi-step, leveraged yield strategies across multiple protocols. OptyFi will launch with vaults on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, with more layer 1 networks in development, enabling the protocol to execute truly multi-chain strategies. OptyFi will also host and maintain the first vaults native to OD DAO.
OptyFi is the first incubated project of Open DeFi’s Launchpad receiving value-add seed stage support from Open DeFi. Beyond the value add incubation support provided by Open DeFi, OptyFi will also receive investment and an additional allocation of tokens to subsidize short term liquidity mining yields and cover the costs of maintaining OD DAO’s own native vaults.
As the first incubated project by the Open DeFi DAO, OptyFi is a key pillar of Open DeFi’s fully integrated multi-chain DeFi ecosystem. With the team’s expertise in multi-chain vaults and cross chain yields, there is no other project better positioned to host and maintain the multi-chain vaults native to OD DAO. With the help of OptyFi, Open DeFi DAO’s own cross-chain vaults will evolve into a marketplace for competitive and sustainable cross chain yields.
Learn More: https://linktr.ee/OptyFi
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