Contributor Committee
The DAO will elect a "contributor committee" with the following roles:
  • Maintain the bounty list
  • Inform the community about the bounty process
  • Set and regularly recalibrate bounty rewards
  • Ensure that bounty rewards are distributed
  • Evaluate bounties
The contributor committee should consist of 3-5 people and should be re-approved/appointed every 4 months. Bounty lists should be refreshed at least once per month.

Process for Submissions

To submit a bounty, DAO members should send a message in the #contributor-program channel in Discord with the following information:
  • Name of bounty
  • Link to and brief description of the deliverable
  • Roadblocks they faced
  • Feedback for improving the bounty
The message must be sent within the timeline outlined on the bounty list to be considered.

Setting Rewards

Rewards should be set by the contributor committee and be recalibrated at the beginning of each month.

Evaluation Process

The contributor committee should evaluate bounties in no more than 72 hours. An evaluation should include:
  • Name of bounty
  • Discord name of bounty claimer
  • Feedback on bounty
  • Evaluation status (approved, denied, etc.)
  • Reward and timeline for receiving reward