How To Get Incubated By Open DeFi
Open DeFi is launching the next generation of DeFi projects through multi-chain strategies, machine intelligence and new digital asset classes. Open DeFi has built an vibrant ecosystem of the most progressive DeFi and Web3 networks, DAOs and incubators to scale DeFi's next breakthrough products and user experiences. Our multi-protocol community will architect and launch your DeFi venture through our incubation network and DeFi marketplace.


  1. 1.
    Industry-leading Networking: Our network features a wide variety of VCs, PR firms, exchanges, layer-ones, and DeFi protocols. Depending on your project, we pair you with the right partners to service your growth needs.
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    Development and Security: Source developers to join your team full-time and utilize Open DeFis team of developers and blockchain experts to help you implement the best smart contract code and security, pre and post launch.
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    Token/DApp Architecture: Through core-team and partner expertise, help design market-resilient and battle-tested token designs, liquidity mines and treasury management practices.
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    Fundraising: Introductions to top-tier funds and assisting projects throughout the fundraising process from pre-launch SAFT sales to post-launch treasury sales.
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    Growth-hacking: Leverage Open DeFis community of 30k+ developers, traders, and yield-farmers to quickly scale your liquidity and community for a successful launch.

Application Process

Even if you are yet to form a team or push a line of code for your idea, we welcome all projects to reach out to see if we can help. Our incubator focuses specifically on those early-stage ideas that need an extra hand in the increasingly complicated token launch process.

How to apply?


  • Project and/or token is not live on mainnet
  • Founding team is not anonymous with Open DeFi core-team
  • Project inherits one or all of the following qualities:
    • DeFi-focused application
    • Plans to scale to multiple blockchains in its roadmap
    • Leverages machine-intelligence with DApps core smart contracts
    • Not a fork of an existing DeFi protocol