Ways To Contribute
For other members of the DAO looking to get involved, the Contributor Rewards Program will have a much larger scope that allows for tokens to be issued to DAO members contributing to operations, marketing, and development.
Other Core Roles of the DAO include:
Yield Strategists: Help create strategies and new vaults that will help increase profits for the treasury and members of the DAO. Yield strategists can collaborate with our operations team and also potentially earn performance fees from the profits of vaults they help create.
Developers: Help build out the future applications and use-cases of the future multi-chain DeFi ecosystem through grants that fund developments of the Open DeFi DAO suite of DApps. Developer grants could be put towards technical improvements of the Open DeFi yield aggregator, DAO, etc.
Researchers: Combine technical, business, and crypto knowledge to help produce and contribute towards the research and development of Open DeFi’s mission. Help generate original content for the Open DeFi blog that will educate the masses on the scalable, interoperable, and transparent future of finance.
DeFi Due Diligence: Whether it is technical, business, legal, or token-economic related, the contributor reserve will be used to incentivize DAO members to help screen and assist in the due diligence of projects applying for incubation.
Designers: To help mold and design the brand and products of Open DeFi, we will be issuing tokens directly to brand and design experts who can help curate future banners, logos, and other media graphics needed to develop our brand.
Marketers & Community Managers: Looking for experienced community managers and marketers to help moderate and generate content / engagement for our Discord, Telegram, Forum, Twitter and other social media channels.
Documentation: Written content creators who can help in the curation of guides, walkthroughs, docs, and explainer videos to help make Open DeFi as digestible and simple as possible for newcomers to the DeFi space.
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