How it works
At the core of the Open DeFi DAO is its core revenue-generator, our DApp marketplace. The long-term goal of the DAO is to launch chain-agnostic DeFi powerhouses that are connected through a meshed liquidity network that create multiple revenue streams for our DAO. The process of creating new projects can be visualized as follows:
Sticking to the thesis of our DAO, we look to the following criteria before we incubate and launch a project:
  • Machine Intelligence - The combination of decentralized finance and machine intelligence will be unlocked through Open DeFi to create a new standard of innovation and automation in DeFi.
  • Data-Driven Innovation - Using our network of data scientists, we will source and create DeFi products that generate returns through a data-driven approach
  • Multi-Chain - At the core of our vision, all incubated DApps in our marketplace will encompass chain-agnostic qualities
Revenue-Generation - DeFi product and token design focused around long-term high-revenue generation for the DAO
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